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About Me

In this life, I was born a feeler.

You name it: emotions, energy, thoughts, food, art, animals, or nature, I feel and empathize with almost anything that crosses my path or senses.

Many refer to deep feelers like myself, as Highly Sensitive People (HSP) or empaths. As young as I can remember, I cried to classical music as a small child; had a profound appreciation for the arts; had zero tolerance for bullying; demanded lots of alone time from social and environmental overstimulation; and possessed big, intense emotion, which would often short-circuit my energy, leaving me depleted, overwhelmed, and more emotional.

As an HSP, I never knew how to manage or cultivate my gifts of sensitivity and empathy until I attended Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado for the subjects of psychology and counseling. There, I attained two degrees, where I harnessed the personal, clinical, and professional skills required to heal and transform myself, in order to provide the most compassionate, skillful, and empathic services for my community and clients.

Since 2010, I've devoted myself to a path of personal development and emotional & spiritual transformation. Within the many avenues of self-reflection, contemplation, meditative practices, therapy, and self-inquiry, my clinical preparation has gifted me with a spacious presence and open heart to connect with other's unique and compelling stories, deep feelings and sensations, grief & loss, and trauma. In addition, as a proud gay, cis-gender male, I offer a comforting, inclusive therapeutic environment for multicultural folx of all backgrounds. LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Neurodiverse, and Inter-Religious populations are welcome here with open arms, heart, and mind. We all have a unique story, yet the multicultural story must be seen with an informed level of competency,  understanding, empathy, and skill, in order to provide a true comforting, inclusive environment for cultural, racial, and sexual healing.

All in all, I've learned the rhythm of life is non-linear in nature and that there is no equation to completely escape this reality.

However, we have a choice to meet it with therapeutic skill, which can enhance self-regulation, awareness, and connection to self. As a result, we have the potential to live a life of personal responsibility, embodied relationship, self-compassion, joy, abundance, health, self-authorship, and empathic connection to all walks of life, once we learn to trust ourselves in the process of change, growth, and transformation. I will meet you where ever you are, whether it be resistance, uncertainty, or doubt, and if you're reading these words, you're already on your way.  

Outside of my dream career as a therapist, my interests include soaking up love and connection from friends and family; shamelessly dancing my heart out; hiking new trails; jumping in enchanted, crystalline lakes with close friends (Lake Tahoe); meditating in sacred canyons of south western deserts; and waffles.

Chris Engler, LPCC

(He, him, his)
Mindfulness-based Therapy in Boulder, Colorado
Cathedral Rock Summit Commencement:
B.A. Contemplative psychology
m.a. mindfulness-based transpersonal counseling
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