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Individual Counseling


We all walk a unique, sacred path.


From the beginning, our path is carved and shaped by the personal nuance of experiences, relationships, feelings, emotions, perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs. Like a river or a labyrinth, there is a multiplicity of directions and rhythms life moves us, which can often feel unpredictable, overwhelming, traumatic, thrilling, exciting, or even adventurous


At times, you may feel safe, secure, and confident in your personal navigational skills, which can lead to the desired destination of personal fulfillment. Other times, we can feel utterly lost, aimless, hopeless, and very much alone in our experience. 

When we don't have the proper resources, support, and skills to navigate through the twists, turns, tides, and waves of emotional pain, challenges, and discomfort, we can feel powerless and afraid of life and the world,  For some, it can even be life-threatening.


As a mindfulness-based therapist, I send you a warm, open-hearted invitation to befriending your path with the simplicity of curiosity, openness, and loving-kindness. 


"When you learn to get along with yourself,

you will learn to get along with everybody."

[Paramahansa Yogananda]  

White Rocks

Here are the pillars of support I offer within the realm of individual counseling:

Attachment-Based Therapy:

Your personal, primary attachment style started from birth and can inform how you function in relationships. The goal here is to reparent the self, meet unmet needs, and cultivate an internal environment of safety, protection, trust, and connection, to enhance relationship to self and others.

Emotional/Self-Regulation Skills:

Emotions are our friends who speak a very specific, colorful language. Learning the wisdom of their messages with non-judgment and self-compassion will be explored. Self-Regulation starts with a.) breath; b.) perception; and c.) movement. Lots of space to practice.

Nervous System Regulation:

Our brains respond to stress and threat in a myriad of ways including: fight, flight, freeze, fawn, or faint. Learning to regulate under stress using mindfulness-based interventions and psychosomatic resourcing will be explored and practiced.

Empathy Skill-Building:

We are all empaths.

Some are born with a heightened sensitivity at birth; however, we can all learn to cultivate a deepened, sense of empathy within ourselves to improve emotional health and interpersonal relationships.

Individual Counseling Rate: 50 min.; $150

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